11 principles for effective, empowered and meaningful communication!

I love this article… so true, and the bit about ‘feeling everything you feel’ is really necessary to be able to stand in your power… enjoy!

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[This blog post was initially published a few years ago, I am reposting it for an upcoming online training that I’ll be facilitating on ‘Presentation and Communication in a Value-based, Empathy-driven economy’]. 

Effective communication is at the heart of Transformational Leadership. Whether you are out networking with your peers, interacting with your family members and loved ones, communicating with the aim to sell a service or product or you are simply selling your ‘personal brand’ or seeking to influence people to join your cause or movement , the ability to connect deeply with your audience is key to a meaningful interaction, successful and positive outcome.

Great communicators are great influencers. And it starts with respect. The understanding that everyone has different factors that shape their perspectives and thus have different models of the world; education, exposure, background, culture, religion, gender, meta-models, limiting beliefs, values, value-hierarchy, personal encoding, IQ, EQ, etc.


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